Lighting for video: Here’s my setup.

The most important things you’ll need to create high-quality video are light and sound. These two things are more important that the camera that you use. Sure, a great camera could make for better video quality. But, without proper lighting, a high-end camera is practically useless, while proper lighting can make video shot on a smart phone look great!

A large part of my plan is to promote myself through a series of self-produced videos that cover various design topics. I order to do so, I need to set up a proper video studio.

Lighting for video: Here’s my setup.

I think I’m doing decent job making videos from home. I still have a lot of work to do and there’s a bit of room for improvements. For example, I think I look a little overexposed when I use the quick color correction tool. Maybe I need to remove the back/hair light, or remove some bulbs from my fill light. I’ll keep making tweaks until I get it right.

I found an interesting tutorial on YouTube on how to set up you own lighting on a budget, check it out here:

This video has some great advice, but I’m not that handy and I don’t want to waste time running all over town trying to assemble the correct equipment.

Luckily I found a decent set-up from LimoStudio, that included everything I needed to get going right away.

Everything arrived in a massive box in a couple of days. It took me an after noon to set it all up but it works awesome!

Show images of my set-up.

My studio is on the small side now, only in a 12’x12′ room. It’s a bit tight and I haven’t quit perfected my angles and distances yet.

Here’s a schematic of my setup now:


So for now, I’ll keep blasting videos out. I’m having a lot of fun now and I hope you enjoy what I’m doing.

Are you interested in video production, or are you an expert in video production? Please let me know how you setup your shoot in the comments below.


Until next time.







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