Leaving My In-house Design Job : Taking The Plunge

To all the folks who’ve been following my shenanigans over the past few months, thank you!

These next few weeks will be pretty exciting for me. Today’s the day I leave my full-time design gig and take one step closer toward working for myself. Arrivederci cubicle!

I’ve accepted a part-time position working for a local agency. This move is going to free up time for me and allow me to pursue my design clients and grow my business. I’ll also have more time to work on the podcast, and more time to spend with my family.

Am I making the right decision? The thought of leaving a steady paycheck is terrifying, right? To me, the thought of sitting in the same cubicle for the next few decades terrifies me more.

I feel like if I am ever going to start a business, I’ve got to do it now. Maybe I’ve read The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss too many times, or working out to Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, has infected my brain.

Maybe being a father has changed the way I look at the world. Time seems so much shorter now that I’m a parent. I can see the next twenty years of my life chasing each other in the back yard. Why should I spend my days doing something I don’t want to?

This adventure has been two years in the making, and has only been expedited when I went all-in six months ago. It hasn’t been easy. The last two years have been a grueling, and I’ve devoted every moment to make the idea of working for myself happen.

I haven’t slept past 4:30 a.m. in six months. My life has felt like crazytown, but as the hard work, stress and sacrifice is starting to pay off – I don’t regret a thing.

In two weeks my journey toward becoming a better communicator comes to a close as I complete the Interactive Media Program at Quinnipiac University. This program was a ton of work but also, totally worth it. Without the program I don’t think I would be as close as I am to working for myself.

When asked what I’ll do with all my free time I responded, “I’m gonna buy a fishing pole.” But something tells me I won’t have much free time for long. Now is not the time to get complacent.

Now is the time to get to work.

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