Finding A Focus for My Design Business

A few weeks ago I attended a Behance portfolio review event hosted by Digital Surgeons in New Haven, CT. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to show my work to a panel of high-level creatives from companies like ESPN, LEGO, Colangelo, AIGA CT, and Primacy. I am grateful for the experience since it has helped me find a focus for my design business.

My friend Matt Pringle, an art director at Digital Surgeons talked me into going the event, and I’m glad he did.

I wasn’t sure how the event was going to work. I was there more to listen and to network with other creatives. I kind of decided to go on short notice, so I didn’t have anything prepared. Matt suggested that I talk about the blog and podcast, he was cool enough to hook me up with a laptop to display my stuff.

I received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the review panel as I presented my ideas. I think because my approach was a bit different.

But, I did hear one recurring comment from the panel that night:

“How can you package this idea … How can you market this service to some else?”

What a great question. This is when I stumbled upon a possible focus for my design business.

Finding A Focus for My Design Business

All this time I have been so busy trying to create the perfect cheeseburger and not creating a plan to sell the cheeseburger.

I am now developing a packaged product that I could offer clients. The product would focus on digital content creation to help a business tell their story. I think business would benefit from this type of service so they could spend more time developing their business, and I can help them reach their clients and customers effectively.

Digital content could be a mixture of:

  • promotional videos
  • podcasts
  • logo and branding
  • social media content

On my journey I learned how to create compelling content, how to produce marketing videos, podcasts, and content for social media. Other new businesses could use this type of service, right?

Andrew Follett has a great article where he describes why business should consider using video including:

  1. Increase Conversion Rates
  2. Clarify the Objective of Your Product
  3. Generate Increased Interest
  4. Rank Better in Google Search
  5. Increase Web Traffic
  6. Help Your Audience Retain Information
  7. Liven Up Your Pitch
  8. Grab Audience Attention
  9. Easily Shareable
  10. Showcase Your Personality

I also agree with Dan Newman‘s article, as he describes why small business should start a podcast. Dan’s five reasons are:

  1. You can become more intimate with your audience.
  2. You have the whole playground for yourself. Well,almost.
  3. There are many possibilities with podcasting.
  4. You can distribute podcasts through multiple channels.
  5. Podcasts connect employees to their organization.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my podcast and blog right now, and hope to keep producing it as long as possible. The podcast has been a great way for me to network with people in the creative field, and I think this could lead to big things in the future. It makes me happy when guests are excited and honored to be on the show.

It’s so much fun that I would do it for free. But, my goal is to build a large enough following to start attracting sponsors. I think this would be mutually beneficially to me as well as guests that are on the show. If I am successful then it would only legitimize my claim that others should set up their own podcasts, and prove the value of my service.

Whether this happens or not is still yet to be seen. But, I urge all you who are thinking of starting a business, especially creatives, to attend as many networking events as possible. You never know who you’ll meet, or who will inspire you to keep moving.

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Photo Credit: Digital Surgeons

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