Creating video for web: My camera situation.

Video is a great marketing tool now and creating high-quality video has never been more affordable and user-friendly. That’s why I’ve decided to produce videos to promote myself.

Creating video for web: Here’s my camera situation.

I love film, and I wanted to be a filmmaker way before I ever wanted to be a designer. I took a film production curse in high-school and loved everything about it. All this video I’ve done lately has jogged my memory of a video I created for that class that was ridiculously hilarious, and probably should have gotten me kicked out of school.

Maybe some day I’ll re-write it and sell it to Hollywood. But until then, I’ll keep cranking out these videos that document my journey from in-house designer to permanent freelancer.

I consider this journey a life project. And, a major part of my self-documentary is video based. I will create videos that describe my philosophy on design, as well as clips full of tips, tricks and updates on my progress.

The Crazy Creative Podcast will also be and audio/video format where I interview other creatives. I want to know how they think and how they have designed their lives around their creative endeavors.

To do all of this, I’ll need a camera. Here’s the equipment I’m using now.



The Flipcam from CISCO is a lightweight option. I have produced most of my video content with this camera. It is a simple camera that has few features, but takes hi-def video and is super-easy to use. This camera is no longer being made but you can still find it online.


iPhone 5S

iphone 5s

I love my iPhone. It’s great for shooting quick videos on the go. Like the Flipcam, it is lightweight and easy to use. I like that videos and photos can easily be shared online through social media channels. I also love all the other applications that are on my iPhone, besides the camera.


iPad Mini

ipad mini

This is similar to the iPhone 5S in terms of functionality, but I like shooting video on the iPad a bit better than the iPhone. I like the large screen for viewing and framing my shots. Once thing I noticed though, is that sound gets weird when I edit video in Premier Pro and I have to use a piece of software called, Handbreak, to correct it. This is pretty cool, but has deteriorated some of my videos.

I used a tripod mount for iPad. also.

Nikon D3300 DSLR


My new toy. The Nikon D3300 is an entry-level DSLR that I just grabbed this week. There are a lot more features to this, and the shooting is a bit more complex than the point and shoot options above. I think this camera will take my video work to the next level. I’ll have to update this post once I get used to it.

Video is such a different process from creating static design. I thoroughly enjoy making my designs move. The entire process is fun for me, from shooting to editing to creating title slides and music. I know I’m not the best now, but I hope others find my journey compelling. If I inspire a few people out there to pursue their creative passion, than it’s worth it.

Are you creating videos, too? What’s does your setup look like? Please discuss in the comments below.


Talk soon!





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