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Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 24 : Mark Sigman – Relic Brewing

Relic_BrewingIn this episode, I sat down with Mark Sigman, owner of Relic Brewing in Plainville, Connecticut. Mark gives a great interview and has a ton to say about the craft beer world.

Mark Sigman fell in love with craft beer while working as a computer programmer out in Colorado in the mid 90’s. When Mark returned to Connecticut in 2008, he discovered that the craft beer scene had not reached this area. Unhappy with the craft beer available in the area and with years of homebrewing experience, Mark decided to open his own craft brewery – Relic Brewing.

Relic Brewing is great little brewery in Plainville that features dozens of interesting beer styles. Mark describes how he prefers to experiment with his beers and brewing many different styles to mass producing a handful of beers.

We also talked about our experience working in the world of advertising. Mark was a computer programmer and says that his work in that world translates well to the world of beer production.

I love the tasting room at Relic. Mark opens the tasting room walls to local artists to display their work. Mark also prides himself on having some of the nicest beer labels around. He should hire me to design one!

Mark also talks about the beer app UNTAPPD and how the data collected from the app can help him track the popularity of his beers, when and where they’re being consumed – which is an excellent tool for any business owner.

Anyway – this is a great episode. I can’t wait to head down to Relic soon during tasting room hours to mingle with Mark’s fans.The beers I’ve sampled are excellent, I hope Mark and Relic Brewing the best of luck.




Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 23 : Louis Krubich and Jason Aron

louis_krubich_jason_aron_steve_raboinToday I was lucky to sit down and record a three-way Google+ Hangout with Director, Jason Aron and Executive Producer, Louis Krubich. Both are the creative force behind the documentary, Back in Time which is a film that addresses the cultural significance of the Back to The Future Trilogy.

Back in Time celebrates the iconic movie Back to the Future. Over 2,000 backers recently pledged almost $150,000 on Kickstarter to support the making of Back in Time. In 2013, over $45,000 was raised through Kickstarter for the film.

Jason and Louis talk briefly about their creative process and how Back in Time came to be. I grew up with Back to the Future, so it was easy for me to connect with Jason and Louis about the movie.

Jason and Louis described how the Back to the Future movies really are the greatest movie trilogy of ever made. They discussed how Back to The Future is such a great story that appeals to such a broad audience.

Back in Time is due out October 21, and will be available on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, and will also be played on the big screen in select cities. Along with the release will be a country a tour featuring cast members, DeLoreans, and live music from Back to The Future, of course.

We also briefly discussed The Malka Media Group, which a media company from New York, New York that focuses on creating high-end visual content. Louis Krubich is the founder of the Malka Media Group. Jason works with Malka as a video director. Check out the incredible work they do at their website.

But, most of the conversation was about the Back in Time documentary …

I grew up watching the Back to The Future movies and bust out a line or two from them pretty much on a weekly basis. I can’t wait to see this documentary. I think it time to go back and revisit the trilogy before I do.



Crazy Creative Podcast 22 : Bobby J. Kane

bobby_j._kaneIn this episode I caught up with fellow Central Connecticut State University Design Alum, and web designer, Bobby J. Kane.

Bobby J. Kane discusses his design journey since CCSU, his experiences at a few agencies, and working at ESPN during their website redesign. Bobby also talks about his recent decision to go out on his own as a freelance web designer.

Bobby J. Kane describes his life outside of design and where he goes to find his inspiration. We talk about our old days at CCSU Design and how Bobby returns to CCSU often to lecture to future designers.

Bobby is a super-talented designer who is highly active on social media. His work can be seen on his website and on his dribble page.

You can also follow Bobby on Twitter and Instagram. Bobby is also an excellent photographer and his beautiful photos can be seen on his flickr page.






Crazy Creative Podcast 21 : Adam von Gootkin

adan_von_Gootkin_&_Steve_RaboinHere’s an awesome interview with Adam von Gootkin, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Onyx Moonshine in East Hartford, Connecticut. Adam von Gootkin is full of energy and provides a great interview, full of inspirational advice for other business owners and creatives out there.

Adam has so much to say about business that he wrote a book, Living Proof: Onyx Moonshine’s Journey to Revive the American Spirit, which releases in mid-October. You can pre-order now through Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. I look forward to reading it!

In this interview Adam von Gootkin describes the daily operations of Onyx Moonshine. Adam also describes the evolution of ideas that took he and his partner, Peter Kowalczyk from owning a music recording studio, Onyx Soundlab in Manchester, to full-time distillers with Onyx Moonshine.

I also spoke to Adam von Gootkin about his historical ties to moonshining in Connecticut as well as his attempt to revive moonshine as the legitimate American spirit is was before prohibition.

I enjoy the products that Adam and Pete are producing at Onyx Moonshine and I’m very excited to see what they come up with next. Their new, speakeasy style tasting room was under construction during the interview but is close to opening. I think the place looks awesome and I can’t wait to come back to visit.

If you’re not from the area, you can order Onyx Moonshine from drinkbetter.com

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it with Adam!









Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 20 : Back East Brewing

back_east_brewingIn this episode I was lucky enough to grab some time with cousins Tony Karlowicz and Ed Fabrycki, Jr., Co-founders of Back East Brewing in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Tony and Ed are great guests who describe how they’ve turned their passion for craft beer and entrepreneurial spirit into the Back East Brewing Company. Tony and Ed also describe the amount of love and care that is required in producing a consistently great product.

Being a homebrewer I have a fondness for the craft beer industry, and I’m so happy that it is booming in Connecticut now. Craft beer wasn’t always such so popular in Connecticut, Tony and Ed were able to get their operation at Back East Brewing going at the perfect time.

I have met some of the nicest people at beer fests, local homebrew clubs, and helping out at the nearest craft brewery. Tony and Ed from Back Brewing are no different. At one point in my life I though that I would own and operate my own brewery. Meeting up with Tony and Ed and all the folks from Back East Brewing just reminded me why I loved the industry so much.

I look at craft beer the same way I look at food, or any other form of creative expression. I enjoy it, then I try to dissect to create it myself. I don’t get to brew much these days, but I left the interview so inspired. Maybe it’s time to pull the ol’ mash tun out of storage!

This episode is a little short since the tasting room was about to open. But you can learn more about Tony, Ed and the Back East Brewing Company at their website. Be sure to visit their tasting room and check out their tasty brews. I sampled their Porter, Octoberfest, and Intergalactic Lupulinary IPA – all delicious!

Back East Brewing Company
1296 Blue Hills Ave
Bloomfield, CT 06002

Tasting Room Hours:
Wednesday-Friday 4pm – 7pm
Saturday Noon – 4pm

(860) 242-1793






Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 19 : Kevin Doyle

coach_kevin_doyleMy buddy and main sponsor of the Crazy Creative Podcast, Coach Kevin Doyle came back on the show to talk about some exciting updates with him and his gym CrossFit Hartford.

Since the last episode, Coach Kevin Doyle left his position as head strength and condition coach at Trinity College to focus on his business, CrossFit Hartford. He is also using his time to explore other avenues for success in the world of strength and conditioning.

Kevin founded an amateur grid team, The Hartford HammerGrid is a new sport that has recently spawned out of CrossFit. Hartford Hammer is a team in the in The New England Grid League, which is an amateur level of the sport, grid. I think this is interesting because it gives CrossFitter’s an opportunity to compete in a new area other than the CrossFit Open and some high-level athletes could earn money.

You can learn more about grid by visiting their website.

Coach Doyle also announced that He and his gym, CrossFit Hartford has taken over as owner and organizer of The Beast of the East, a major CrossFit competition in New England in October. Kevin has his mind set on making The Beast of The East a top-level competition in the Northeast region.

Coach Kevin Doyle has a great attitude and this episode is better than the first, tons of exciting information and hilarious antics.


To learn more about the Hartford Hammer check out their website, or contact Coach Kevin Doyle

To learn more about CrossFit Hartford, check out their website and Facebook page.

To register to compete or judge at the Beast of The East check out the registration page


So much fitness – enjoy!!!







Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 18 : Sonia Plumb

Sonia_Plumb_Dance_Company_OdysseyIn this episode I sit down with Sonia Plumb, Artistic Director at the Sonia Plumb Dance Company.

Sonia invited me to come watch a rehearsal for the upcoming production of The Odyssey, which will be performed in October, 2015. I am a bit unfamiliar with dance and watching the rehearsal gave me a better understanding of the creative process that goes into a choreographed piece.

There’s a hug difference between seeing dance on television and seeing if performed live in front of you. The athleticism and mobility of the dances I saw is truly remarkable – almost breathtaking.

Sonia Plumb and I talked about her background in dance and the work she does with The Sonia Plumb Dance Company. Sonia described how the company is involved in education in the Hartford area by bringing dance into the classroom to help reinforce concepts in science and literature.

Sonia gives a great interview and her passion for dance really comes through in the interview. I can’t wait to see the portions I saw rehearsal performed in the actual production.

All of the work created by the Sonia Plumb Dance company is completely original, from the dance routines to the music which is created by composer Cory Gabel.

As part of their 25th anniversary season, Artistic Director Sonia Plumb and her Company of modern dance professionals bring a contemporary version of Homer’s “The Odyssey” to West Hartford and Old Saybrook this October. “The Odyssey: An Epic Dance Journey” is a multimedia feast for your senses — with dance, masks and costumes, lighting and scenic effects, video projections of underwater choreography and stage combat, and even original music.
University of Saint Joseph
Carol Autorino Center
1678 Asylum Avenue in West Hartford
  • Friday October 2 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, October 4 at 3:00 p.m.

Click here for tickets!

The Kate- Katherine Hepburn Theater
300 Main Street in Old Saybrook
  • Friday October 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Click here for tickets!

PLUS, as part of the Company’s “Prep Talk Series,” all performances are preceded by a 30-minute discussion in the second-floor reception room with a local educator about “The Odyssey” to bring audience members up to speed on Homer’s epic poem. Pre-show talks begin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.
Check out this video clip of a recent performance of “Lotus Eaters,” just one of the sections from “The Odyssey.”
For more information about Sonia Plumb Dance Company and other events connected to “The Odyssey,” be sure to visit www.SoniaPlumbDance.org. or www.Facebook.com/SoniaPlumbDance.









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