Crazy Creative Podcast 3: Tim Wengertsman

Tim Wengertsman is a super-intense Hartford artist who is totally dedicated to his artwork, music and the punk-rock lifestyle that inspires both.

Many people dream of being an artist, but few have what it takes to put in the amount of work necessary to be successful. With no guarantees of fortune and fame, Tim Wengertsman is devoted to his craft and lifestyle. Tim lives life by his own set of rules and as a result, has an incredible body of kick-ass artwork. Tim’s work is constantly displayed in galleries all over the Hartford area.

In this podcast, we talk about Tim’s artistic process of woodcutting, punk rock, and other crazy things that pop up over a couple of beers.

Take a listen, and get inside the mind of a dedicated artist!


Check out Tim’s artwork on his Facebook page, here and here. You can also get the latest from Tim from following his Instagram feed.

If you like super-aggressive punk rock, then check out Tim’s band, Oiltanker, listen and follow them.

Please support your local artists and musicians!

WARNING: Allegedly, beer was consumed while recording this episode. There may be some foul language. I suggest wearing earbuds.

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