Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 24 : Mark Sigman – Relic Brewing

Relic_BrewingIn this episode, I sat down with Mark Sigman, owner of Relic Brewing in Plainville, Connecticut. Mark gives a great interview and has a ton to say about the craft beer world.

Mark Sigman fell in love with craft beer while working as a computer programmer out in Colorado in the mid 90’s. When Mark returned to Connecticut in 2008, he discovered that the craft beer scene had not reached this area. Unhappy with the craft beer available in the area and with years of homebrewing experience, Mark decided to open his own craft brewery – Relic Brewing.

Relic Brewing is great little brewery in Plainville that features dozens of interesting beer styles. Mark describes how he prefers to experiment with his beers and brewing many different styles to mass producing a handful of beers.

We also talked about our experience working in the world of advertising. Mark was a computer programmer and says that his work in that world translates well to the world of beer production.

I love the tasting room at Relic. Mark opens the tasting room walls to local artists to display their work. Mark also prides himself on having some of the nicest beer labels around. He should hire me to design one!

Mark also talks about the beer app UNTAPPD and how the data collected from the app can help him track the popularity of his beers, when and where they’re being consumed – which is an excellent tool for any business owner.

Anyway – this is a great episode. I can’t wait to head down to Relic soon during tasting room hours to mingle with Mark’s fans.The beers I’ve sampled are excellent, I hope Mark and Relic Brewing the best of luck.



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