Crazy Creative Podcast Episode 20 : Back East Brewing

back_east_brewingIn this episode I was lucky enough to grab some time with cousins Tony Karlowicz and Ed Fabrycki, Jr., Co-founders of Back East Brewing in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Tony and Ed are great guests who describe how they’ve turned their passion for craft beer and entrepreneurial spirit into the Back East Brewing Company. Tony and Ed also describe the amount of love and care that is required in producing a consistently great product.

Being a homebrewer I have a fondness for the craft beer industry, and I’m so happy that it is booming in Connecticut now. Craft beer wasn’t always such so popular in Connecticut, Tony and Ed were able to get their operation at Back East Brewing going at the perfect time.

I have met some of the nicest people at beer fests, local homebrew clubs, and helping out at the nearest craft brewery. Tony and Ed from Back Brewing are no different. At one point in my life I though that I would own and operate my own brewery. Meeting up with Tony and Ed and all the folks from Back East Brewing just reminded me why I loved the industry so much.

I look at craft beer the same way I look at food, or any other form of creative expression. I enjoy it, then I try to dissect to create it myself. I don’t get to brew much these days, but I left the interview so inspired. Maybe it’s time to pull the ol’ mash tun out of storage!

This episode is a little short since the tasting room was about to open. But you can learn more about Tony, Ed and the Back East Brewing Company at their website. Be sure to visit their tasting room and check out their tasty brews. I sampled their Porter, Octoberfest, and Intergalactic Lupulinary IPA – all delicious!

Back East Brewing Company
1296 Blue Hills Ave
Bloomfield, CT 06002

Tasting Room Hours:
Wednesday-Friday 4pm – 7pm
Saturday Noon – 4pm

(860) 242-1793





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