Crazy Creative Podcast 9 : Paul Pita

When you get the opportunity to pick the brain of designer with as many years of experience and knowledge as Paul Pita, you take it.

I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Paul Pita, CEO and Executive Creative Director of The Pita Group. The Pita Group is an extremely successful advertising and communications agency in Rocky Hill, CT. Paul and his team have produced award-winning work for many of the largest clients in the area.

The Pita Group produces a ton of great content for their blog, Fresh Pita. And they are highly committed to serving the community with their work.

It seems like Paul and I were meant to cross paths eventually – we have a quite a bit in common. Paul and I share a mutual friend, kick-ass copywriter and cupcake extraordinaire, Kristen Gomez. Paul and I are both graduates of Central Connecticut State University’s graphic design program where we studied under Susan Vial.Also, Paul and I just happen to train together at CrossFit Hartford – He’s a beast!

Please take a listen to this great episode. We cover a ton of material in an hour that went way too fast. I have so many more questions I’d love to ask Paul. You’ll hear in Paul’s delivery that he’s a true professional, but also likes to have a lot of fun. He is a great guest and I’d love to have him on again in the future.



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