Kevin Doyle

Crazy Creative Podcast 7 | CrossFit Hartford Owner Kevin Doyle

Today we visit professional strength and conditioning coach, Kevin Doyle. Kevin is the head strength and conditioning coach at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and owner of CrossFit Hartford.

Kevin Doyle, sat down to talk about his passion for strength and conditioning and his passion to help athletes of all ages and all backgrounds reach their full potential.

Kevin Doyle talks about his unusual upbringing that has fueled him to reach success professionally as a logistics manager at  UPS and on his own as a Crossfit Affiliate owner.

Kevin Doyle is a highly opinionated person who has no problem standing by his beliefs and ideas. You could agree, or disagree with Kevin, but you can never question his authenticity.

I could easy do a three-part series with Kevin Doyle. He has a great attitude and is a lot of fun. Kevin is the best coach I’ve ever worked with. If you’re interested in CrossFit and live in central, CT, then check out CrossFit Hartford.

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