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Crazy Creative Podcast 6 : User Experience Designer, Mark Figueiredo

I recently discovered the ability to record podcast interviews using Google + HangoutsGoogle + Hangouts allows you to record and publish directly to YouTube. Which is helpful, I find the upload process the most annoying part of this whole podcast thing. It takes days.

This is my first time using the technology. I found a tutorial on Social Media Examiner, that describes how to set up a live show. This tool will be helpful in the future when I want to interview creatives that are not in my immediate area.

Luckily my friend, user experience designer, Mark Figueiredo agreed to help me test out this process. In this episode we discuss Mark’s journey to becoming a designer, his creative process, and what user experience design is all about.

Mark is a serious designer with years of experience working for several major companies including, Stanley Black & Decker and T. Rowe Price.

Mark describes the path he took to become a designer, and what his life is like now as a user experience designer. I try to gather as much info as I can from this kick-ass creative professional.

If you want to learn more about User Experience Design, you can connect with Mark on Twitter: @Markfigu

Like I said, today’s show was my first experience recording a live show using Google + Hangouts.  We both get pretty excited during our conversation, as a result the audio and video is a bit choppy.

The show is not as good as I would like, and I plan on having Mark back on the show soon. I plan on using this tool in the future. My goal for the show’s format is a free-form conversation, but I think next time we’ll have to slow down a bit and treat as an interview.

Whatever, this was a great learning experience. Has anyone used Google+ Hangouts to record a podcast recently? What is your experience?

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