Crazy Creative Podcast 13 : Matt Pringle

Today I sat down with Matt Pringle, my old buddy from Central Connecticut State University, and sick-ass designer at Digital Surgeons in New Haven, CT.

Matt Pringle is a ridiculously talented designer whose work has inspired me since design school. I’ve been keeping tabs on his work since school, and wish I had half the Photoshop skills he has.

Matt does some incredible work with the folks down at Digital Surgeons. They are a digitally focused agency with some serious clients and a portfolio of work that would make any designer drool.

I had fun catching up with Matt Pringle. We compared the paths we’ve taken since design school and our experience working as creative professionals. I’m glad I’ve kept in contact with Matt Pringle over the years, he’s a super-nice guy and a great designer.

The hour and a half I spend with him was probably enough to inspire my design work for the next year. Matt’s also pretty funny, so we have a pretty good conversation. Check it out!

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