Crazy Creative Podcast 12 : Rory Gale – Hartford Prints!

Rory Gale Hartford Prints!

It seems like most creatives are trying to get in on the current tech boom and create the next big app. I think it’s refreshing to find someone, I should say three sisters, who decided to take a different route.

In this episode I sat down with Rory Gale, the bubbly (younger sister) from Hartford Prints!

Rory Gale and her sisters combined their various backgrounds in art, fashion, and design to create Hartford Prints! in 2012. The company started as a letterpress shop where they focused on hand-printing stationary and wedding invitations. But, Hartford Prints! quickly grew into an urban goods brand allowing them to open a retail location in 2013 that offers a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind items.

I was interested to know how, and why Rory and her sisters decided to open the press, and how they’ve been so successful. Their success is the result of great talent, hard work, and perfect timing. I think we’re witnessing a return of the artisan and hand-crafted, locally produced goods – and I love it!

Not only are the sisters at Hartford Prints! devoted to creating beautiful work, they’re also leading the charge to restore pride in City of Hartford and Connecticut through their products and promotions, like their “Grow Local, Buy Local, Love Local” campaign.

Think locally act globally. Everyone says it, but Hartford Prints! does it. Hartford Prints! is a success, but they’re not selfish, they want everyone to succeed. I love that Hartford Prints! is taking a holistic approach to the growth of Hartford by organizing many events throughout the community to help local business and professionals network with each other.

I love this interview, Rory Gale has such a warm personality that shines through their wonderful work. Check out their website, or visit the Hartford Prints! retail shop at 42 1/2 Pratt Street in downtown Hartford.





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