Jennifer Jacobs

Crazy Creative Podcast 11 : Jennifer Jacobs

In this episode I interview Hartford artist, independent fashionista, and Bad Bunny – Jennifer Jacobs. Jenn is an awesome creative with a fantastic ability to produce highly realistic paintings, designs, and one-of-a-kind fashion items.

I am a huge fan of her style of illustration, and I love her work. Jenn Jacobs highlights human anatomy with organic elements in a way that’s breathtaking and shocking. I love her compositions and how she is able to juxtapose delicate human flesh with cold, hard stone or bone.

You can see Jennifer Jacobs’ paintings on her website.

We talk about Jennifer’s artistic inspiration and her other work creating sexually empowering clothing items for women.

Jenn Jacobs designs and hand-makes all the items on her online store, Bad Bunny Shop.

I’ve tried to find ways to make original artist-made things affordable. – Jenn Jacobs

Jenn paints and designs her own fabric patterns which are then digitally printed and made into all kinds of things from leggings to clutch purses to pasties.

Jenn Jacobs’ pasties took off after celebrity Miley Cyrus rocked a pair at an after-party during New York fashion week.

I love Jennifer Jacobs’ work, she is a really great guest. I hope she comes on the show again soon. I wish her the best of luck with her artwork and with her Bad Bunny Shop.

To help support Jenn, I think I’m gonna start rocking her pasties! Men can wear them too, right?!



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