Crazy Creative 4 : IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle

Few people know what it takes to become a professional athlete in any sport. IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle has reached pro status in two sports before the age 30.

“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights.” ― Ronnie Coleman

Today we talk to IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle, MS, RD, to ask him what it takes to achieve greatness. Chris discusses how he followed his passion for motocross and bodybuilding, set goals for himself, and worked with coaches and mentors on his journey toward becoming successful.

Chris is great dude who works with clients to prepare them for competitive bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle. Chris isn’t just another dumb jock. He is well-educated in nutrition, and has earned his masters degree in the subject from The University of Saint Joseph.

IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle is a dedicated coach and health professional who helps people improve and reach their competitive and health goals. So, take a listen, learn about hard work, and what it takes to be awesome.

Be ready to get motivated!

IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle

It was a beautiful day in Connecticut, so we decided to sit down and talk (please don’t mind the occasional wind gusts).

To learn more about IFBB Pro Chris and his services, go to his website. For the latest on Chris’s bodybuilding journey, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, check out his YouTube Show, The Tuttle Diaries.


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